Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day at Bolsa Chica

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day. My husband is one of those "I hate Hallmark holidays" people and would rather be appreciated because you appreciate him. So, it's no longer Father's day so this is my appreciation to my husband.

Thank you for getting up every single morning waaayyyyy early in the morning to go to work to support your family. Thank you for doing your job so well and creating such beautiful buildings that your children will see in pictures, movies and in person! Thank you for doing things, even when you don't want to to make your family happy. Thank you for being such a good daddy and slowing down when I'm always in such a hurry, giving those hugs and snuggles that mean so much to our children. You are amazing and we all love you!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Father and Child special $75

For the month of June I'm offering a special Father and Child package!
For $75 you get 1 hour of shooting time, 30 edited pictures on a cd with unlimited use for you. We can shoot pictures at a park, the beach, or a location of your liking. If we shoot more than 15 miles from Huntington Beach, there is a $10 travel fee.
Contact me for more information!

Silly Girl!

So the other day I was playing around with the settings on my Nikon and started shooting pictures of my daughter. The little poser that she is had no problem playing into the camera for me. After 10 minutes of giggles and smiles these are my 3 favorites!

Let the Sun shine down on me!

This was a sunflower from my garden. It towered over even my 6ft tall husband! I always think of Summer when I see a Sunflower, with it's bright shades of Yellow, Red, Orange, what have you. Schools out next week! Welcome Summer!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Michael and Erin's wedding Turtle Bay, Hawaii

Just a cute photo!

I took this picture at Blackies in Newport Beach on my son's birthday. This child was so intrigued with whatever she had found in the sand! The seagull to her right looks like it's just waiting for her to move so she can have it!

J & A photoshoot- Central Park, Huntington Beach

My Muse, my daughter

Introduction to the Blogging World

Hello Blogger World! I've never done this before so bare with me. I was encouraged by a friend to start a blog to kick start my side business of taking photos of children and families. (Hi Kim!) I thought I'd give it a try and share some of my favorites with whomever is reading this. (:::Waves::: HIII!!!)

I'll start by telling a little about myself and why I take photos. I can remember when I was little begging my dad if I could use his camera. This was back when they used film. I remember flying through a roll of film in minutes and hated that feeling when the shutter wouldn't go anymore. If I had the means, I could have gone through dozens of rolls of film very quickly. Thank GOD for digital cameras. I can now take as many pictures as that little memory card will hold. The bigger the better! Taking pictures makes me giddy. Yes, I said giddy. When I get a good shot it makes me smile and THAT is the biggest reason I love to do it!

I have always been told that I have a talent for taking photos, but I think I just get lucky! So, here I am. After being told so many times that I should take pictures for a business, giving it a shot!
Thanks for reading and hope to see you back!