Friday, April 18, 2014

Alzheimer's Disease- Beauty in the face of ugliness.

Last week I shot a few photos of my mom and my Grammy. The response to them on Facebook BLEW ME AWAY. My Grammy has fought AD for the last 11+ years. Over those 11 years my mom and dad have been her primary caretakers. At a time when they should have been ready to enjoy the second half of their life they essentially took on another person to take care of.

Our family has had it's share of ups and down over these years, had a lot of different emotions, and it's share of tears. But what I personally have gotten from this experience how when you do for others it comes back around to you ten fold. My grandmother was an amazing woman who would never want to be trapped in this body like she is now. She loved to play tennis, walk her dogs. She always had perfectly manicured nails and looked beautiful. She had 12 children. 12. 1. 2. Wow. When my mom was a child she was severely burned. My grandmother saved her life. She was the one who put out the fire and saved her. I wouldn't be here today without Grammy saving her life.

A part of me understands why one child would give up so much, out of so many, a special link they have to each other. Another part of me was angry at one point. I lost part of my mom with this awful disease. But I have also gained a gigantic amount of respect for my parents and the families who choose to (or are able to) take care of their family members who are stolen by this disease.

One comment I received said that they saw "beauty in Alzheimer's for the first time". I want to give that to more families. I want to give back. I want to give a free shot to caretakers and the family member they caretake that has Alzheimer's. I will choose 5 families in the Southern California area for this offer.
Please email me your information and story-


Last week I photographed a beautiful High School senior, Yvonne. This girl has the most beautiful skin, and a gorgeous smile! Photographers dream! Enjoy a few from our fun shoot at HB Central Park :)

S & D Spring 2014

I have had the pleasure of photographing these two several times over the last two years :) They get cuter and more fun every time I see them!