Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vintage Wedding- Huntington Beach, CA

My neighbor was having her daughter's wedding in her backyard and asked me to come and take some pictures for her. Her daughter's friend already had a friend taking photo's at the wedding so I tried to stay in the background and only shot through the ceremony. The bride was BEAUTIFUL and the groom beamed when he saw her...... they are very in love! 

Miss E is 3!

I haven't seen this momma since MY kids were about her kids age. Mine are now 13 and 11, so that tells you how LONG it's been! She now has 2 beautiful kids of her own and she took advantage of my end of summer special. I'm so happy we got to see each other!!

The M Family

I have known this family for several years, both of their daughters have been in  my preschool class and this year they added 2 baby boys to their family! I will miss them dearly this year, but am holding out for when those little boys are in my class, just like their sisters!